It’s been a while but I’ve been working…. Just not always on painting. I’m still setting up in the studio and took more pictures. However, my ISP and Flickr don’t always cooperate with me. I got some of the pictures to load after making them into web sized images. Here’s the link  
Just look for the ones from Sept 8. 
The photo above was made at sunset during the week of rain and storms coming up from the coast..
Yesterday my daughter, her husband and two kids showed up with their two quarter horses. They are going to see if they can keep them out here now but we’ll have to move them at times for the cows to get through their area. This morning after my husband headed out to Longview and a dental appointment and seeing after more house stuff…I heard a rumbling noise. Guess I couldn’t see the horses running around but finally saw one of them running around the pens…whinnying. For myself, I was hoping nothing was wrong since I know absolutely nothing about seeing after horses. They seem to have quietened down now. They also know nothing about having a lot of space so I guess there is a lot of learning to do on all sides.
I’m planning to get back to the studio now but hopefully in the future some of this ISP coming in and out of service will get better. If not, you will hear me screaming from here to “anywhere and everywhere”.
PS……….Looking through the pictures, you will see one room used to be a living room, one a bedroom and one a kitchen (forgot little bathroom)…………we’re going to keep a sofa up there so it will be a better place to just go sit at times and I also put in a little “break room” table in the kitchen. NOW, to figure out what to do with all the shipping boxes. I used to have them on a high large shelf mostly in the old studio closet. These closets are nice but not in the height and depth department for this kind of storage.

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