There’s a lot going on here at the farm but not a lot of it is making art much to my disappointment. My mom died so I ended up making two trips to Oklahoma.

We’ve gutted a bathroom and the whole kitchen. The floors and some of the walls had to be stripped back so it was a long physical process (mostly for my husband) as he does most of this physical work. I have to be there to just lend support and the hammer and nails so to speak.

I have ordered and received the new appliances and have the cabinet man starting to work. We’ve had plumbers, need electricians and then the plumbers back later. I haven’t a clue what back splash and counter top I want as I’m just going from one project to another helter-skelter. We also will not do anything without cash in hand so I wait daily for set-backs which would make the budget (What budget??) go out the window. The new oak floors will be installed on Thursday but I can’t get the finisher on the phone.

I have a gallery interested in my work so I’m running back to Dallas Tuesday to take them some work. Fifteen gazillion people call wanting to know how much my house in Longview is selling for. My Seattle gallery, Gallery Mack, sold a large painting…………..yaaay Gallery Mack.

Over the week-end my thirteen year-old grandson came for the opening of deer season…his dad came the next day and also my daughter and granddaughter. It was a interesting situation with only one bed due to all the upheaval here………but two hideabeds. One is in the studio so we all ate up there and two slept up there. Looks like they all like my studio. OH yeah….didn’t kill a deer ( saw some) but did kill that huge hog and did some stalking of the beaver that keeps damming up the spillway on the pond.

I have time to write this since I got upstairs to make coffee and discovered I had forgotten to set back the alarm clock, although I think I’ve re-set all the others. Joke’s on me I guess. I’ll be drooping tonight from being up so early.

Off to Tyler today and Dallas tomorrow….BUSY BUSY

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