The cabinets were installed a couple of days ago. Did I ever mention I hate painting anything but paintings? WELL, I hate painting cabinets even more than ceilings and walls. Here are a couple of pictures before the painting started.
We have to paint because if you want white cabinets in the color of white you choose, it seems you can’t really buy already finished unless you get some kind of plasticized thermofoil or something. SO, we had a local cabinet man come in and make these to fit the space. This is an old country farm house but I like a lot of contemporary things so I will have Euro drawer pulls, a lot of stainless steel, Euro styled exhast fan, stainless steel up to the ceiling, black quartz countertops and mix it all up with all the old oak furniture. The cabinet man had the nifty idea of making me a free-standing server instead of just building it into the wall with legs in front. It’s 89 inches long, and 15 inches deep. It will be great for a server for big family get-togethers or just for serving coffee. AND, it makes for a good reason for leaving the old cabinets and the window above it where the old kitchen sink used to be. I’ve been thinking of making a mosaic ceramic top….BUT I HAVE TO PAINT in the studio, I hope soon.

Back to my rant about hating to paint and priming cabinets………We have have certain amounts of it done so the electricians can come back for the rest of their work and also putting in the under cabinet lights……..When will I ever get a sink again?

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