What a day!

As everyone who reads this blog knows, I haven’t had a real kitchen for some time. Today I needed to make something to take to a TX Wax meeting on Sunday and some cookies for a Christmas Cookie exchange party on Monday.

We’ve been using the old gas range in the kitchen of my studio so I put my fresh apple cakes in the oven and went about my business. I came to check on them about an hour later to determine how much longer they had to bake and clicked in 15 more minutes. It hardly registered that the oven wasn’t as warm. When I came back later, it did. The darn oven went out on me right in the middle of all this stuff I had to do. Yikes…………out to the well house to drag out the old toaster oven and I put them in one at a time and baked and turned and baked and turned. I’m crossing my fingers on this one but Curry said the middle of one of them seemed good to him. So I’ll take the other one to the meeting.

Knowing this wasn’t going to work for the cookies, I begged him to pull out my new oven/range and plug it in for cookie baking. The electricians only finished their work yesterday and I have no counter-tops yet. So I did all the cutting and slicing upstairs and went up and down, back and forth until they were all baked.

I’m tired………and went to get burgers for dinner…off to bed early I think.

I have done a few art related things…put hangers and wire on a couple of my latest paintings. Yesterday I had to make a run to Dallas to deliver some work. SO, art and art business continues, only not as I would like right now. Oh, and I added a couple of pages to my website since I’d forgotten to make pages for a couple of paintings.

Maybe this time next week my new kitchen will be in better working order……….most of it anyway.

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