Humm…not sure where this is going…or maybe it’s already gone.

The sun is shining and not a lot of wind……… up to the studio for most of the day today. I needed to varnish the painting I posted the other day. AND, get some paint on that other one that has been staring at me forever on the painting wall.

The painting I’m referring to is one that was originally going to be part of a diptych. Well, good intentions aside, sometimes things just don’t work out as we hope. This one never did make it out of the studio so rather than trying to keep fixing on it, I just painted over the whole thing with paints I needed to clear off the palette. This made for a VERY dark under-painting with all the reds, browns and purples. Where to go – where to go?? I don’t, so I just decided to load up a brush and start making marks and shapes. They had to be lighter so out came the yellow. Before I knew it I had this on the wall. I have no idea where it came from other than I’ve been staring out the windows of the house and studio a lot and it IS winter. It needs some life as it’s so somber. It may see the light of day again, or maybe not. I won’t know until I either paint over it again or like magic something will come to me to breathe more life into it.

I had to quit for the day to mull this one over more…….and besides my Ipod went ‘low batt’.

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