Art/painting has NOT taken a hike around here. I’ve not had much time for the blog but I do think of it now and then. Some friends and I in an online group were discussing not long ago……..”Do you neglect some of your creative activities when you are concentrating on others?”

Or ….in my case, all the work/time physical and mental with moving, setting up a new place to call home (maybe for the rest of my life) has taken time away from my actual painting time. It has, honestly………BUT, we are not made up as individuals from just the time we spend in front of the easel. We have to have something to contribute to the mix that sooner or later comes out in our work. I know that time has been brewing what may come out in my paintings over many years. I have painted some work that I think of as the Umbria paintings. That will continue and slowly be mixed in with the new rural countryside paintings.

But ………, I did something else I’ve been fooling around with…Bread Baking. This is a loaf of Olive Bread. I think I’ve been making too much bread from the Artisan Five Minute a Day cookbook and my jeans tell me this is true.

But there are paintings on the easel wall. I’ll show them as time and my judgment allows.

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