I don’t know why I keep doing this…………my computer must be an antique. Anyway……….I made a post and it disappeared never to be seen again.

Trying to recreate the post…(you know this will not EVER be the same if you try to recreate something. )

BUT, Here it is:

I decided to take Junior for a walk today……..half way out from the back fence I realized I didn’t bring my trusty little Canon camera like I told myself I would next time. BUT………….I did bring my phone and it has a camera. Why did I bring my phone when we have next to nothing reception for ATT Wireless out here I don’t know but I figured it was a back up if feral hogs or a big water moccasin or even a bull got after me and I couldn’t run fast, for sure. Ha ha …I was going to call someone with crappy reception..huh!

Anyway. this whole post has changed after the first one was lost. I have a one track mind it seems…..and no memory.

Anyway, this little camera on my SE 580i has 2 mega pixels and goodness gracious………..a panorama mode. I never knew but I shot them anyway. Now to get them off. That was the story I think I wrote earlier and was going to re-create.

Took me half the day to figure out how to get those darn pix off and by then I’d downloaded new software that had synced with my phone. Anyway……..here is a shot of the walk down to the lake. I probably will never remember how to do this again. You can see that I need now to learn how to work with panorama pics and don’t know how an don’t have time to figure it out right now.

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