Finally……………the ties to the old home of 41 years are cut. We closed today selling the home all our children grew up in. It’s a bit sad to think of sometime but we love the new place, too. And to us, it’s not so new, as new for just us. It belonged to the family for about 45 years before us and now we’re just the new overseers so to speak. Now kids and grandkids can come over to fish, ride horses, try to catch up with the beavers in the lake and even hunt deer and hogs Mentioning deer……I looked out the bedroom window mid morning and 5 were running across the east pasture headed who knows where.

It’s a relief to only have one place to care for………………now maybe things will settle down slowly for us here.

The picture is of one of my daughters and only granddaughter with one of the horses.

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