A lotta work going on around here for a Saturday.

I guess I don’t know what day it is most of the time.When I feel the inclination, I work on art or around the place with things I put off from other days. A series of nice warm days has really felt great.

It’s been a busy Saturday………lots of laundry, dusting, picking up since the kids were here last night. I also got some studio time in. I prepped a large 48 x 60 canvas earlier in the week and got a good warm tone on it all over, laid out some lines and shapes that may or may not be in the finished piece. I planned on a cooler painting since I’ve been so influenced by all the fog lately. I never know by the time I get through if that inclination will follow through or not. Now it has several layers.

I’ve also been trying to get a desk/server type piece of furniture sanded off for a new coat of finish. It is NOT going well…..It will probably end up being painted instead. I do have all the plants that have wintered in the well house out and on the porches. Hope I didn’t do all this too soon.

Those horses just don’t want to come down out of the east pasture it seems. But they will have to for the cows to come back through their usual patterns of moving around.

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