I’m not through with this painting yet, even if I left it this realistic. I slapped some yellows in those negative areas around the trees and got carried away……..now I either need to change that whole area to the right or get carried away with more grays again over the yellows. Maybe that would work…….who knows. ??? But if I have a lot of yellows in all that background, then I have to start unifying the foreground more for that relationship.

Oh yeah…wasn’t meaning that this was the view I painted, just that being surrounded by this (this picture is one from one of my studio windows)all the time is showing up in the shapes of the paintings. The shapes in the painting reminds me more of the bare crape myrtles off my front porch than the other trees around here………especially now that they have leafed out so much.

I do know that living over here in the midst of a lot more of what nature bestows on us WILL influence my work. However, I’m not planning to become a realistic painter. AND to many this isn’t realistic at all……..but to me it is way too much. So look now as it may be gone by next week. I heard cows mooing back and forth past the house last night as I went to sleep…………hope that doesn’t mean a cow is going to invade my paintings. If they do, I’ll just paint over them.

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