I got ready to go up to the studio and just as I got all ready to paint, the electricity went out. I called the electric company about 11am and it came on for 15 minutes about 5:30pm….then out again as I was trying to work on a digital image. Now it’s back on ……7:30pm but I waited a while to turn the poor mistreated computer back on.

I went ahead and painted and then took the pictures earlier……….here is the work as it stands…40 x 50″ so I wasn’t too thrilled with just wiping it out so I kept working. YOU tell me what you think. Trees and plant/organic life shows up in my work all the time but this might be getting to be too much for me. It’s kinda on the edge of realistic and abstraction and I’m not really sure if it works or is too much realism.

Oh yeah………the outage was due to terrible winds…we thought they were almost as bad as when Ike came through here but no rain….weird. I need to go check the weather patterns to see if more is in store.

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