I bought a little FLIP Ultra video cam last week. I don’t really have a clue how to work it yet. The first video I made I turned it sideways to get in more field of vision but then had the devil of a time figuring out in a program how to turn it vertical again. Finally, I figured it was just taking too much time for now learning how to cut and edit so much of it for YouTube. So you can’t see the first part of the demo of working on the paintings I showed you in the previous post. SO, I made two little short ones from another angle and left as much of ME out of it as I could. I have no idea who that old fat woman is in the video. (smile) Anyway, it was hot in my studio kitchen…good place for hot wax, huh! I’m also uploading the two 12 x 12″ panels that I’m titling They Paved Paradise 1 & 2 since I got some of my inspiration from that old song, Big Yellow Taxi by Joni Mitchell.



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