So much for stretching my brain cells. I bought the little Flip video camera thinking I could take short clips of me working to post on the blog. HOWEVER, no one wants to see me just standing there mixing paint out of sight for all this time in between putting the paint on the canvas. It is supposed to be SO easy to clip out little parts but for the life of me I can’t get it to do it. and still leave the parts I want to leave. The videos are too long for Utube unless they are 10 minutes or less. I’d planned on having several 10 minute ones. Oh well…the best laid plans don’t always work out. Corel VideoStudio Pro X2 has me completely overwhelmed. Too much time has been devoted to trying to cut/edit and figure out how to do all this stuff. I could have painted two large paintings.

There are several things to think of when you video…..or for me anyway. I talk to myself, I sing and hum and dance around when I’m in a good mood painting. I listen to music. Now how can a person do all this for a video cam I ask you?? SO, on the first one I talked some but you can’t really hear me well. On this one, I didn’t talk but turned up my stereo….can’t really hear that either in the other room on the video. The powers that be would sue me if I put any of the music I listen to on my video since it is copyrighted. What’s a person to do and still make the whole thing authentic?

Oh yeah…and my friend Pat said she didn’t want to hear music anyway, she wanted to know what I was thinking. SO, must I tell everyone, that the best painting days, you don’t really ‘think’ consciously, you paint and you ‘know’ what you are doing or you stumble upon the answer as you go along? Now I’m not saying I can’t tell you what I’m doing some of the time….that’s what all that talking to myself is all about. I tell myself when it’s working or not working so to speak.

So much of my grumbling. Here are a couple of pictures……. one of my palette. This is about what it usually looks like except sometimes I have special mixtures for some paintings…or also a couple of these palettes and little dishes of large neutral colors when working on especially large paintings. This one is only 40 x 30″.

I can’t show the beginning since it’s on the video..I cut a still but can’t get it out of the program :>(. But, it was a textured canvas that I slopped a lot of leftover paint on as I was leaving Colony some months ago and didn’t get back to. It had a basic feel of a landscape though but the colors didn’t work…….so I used it for my tone.

Step 1 (that I can show you)….. Now that I look at it, except for that pinky color…not too bad. First though I drew in some lines with willow charcoal to give me a starting place.

I just kept adding paint…acrylic dries fast.

This is a picture of the top of the painting made yesterday…………..this might actually be the best for the whole thing but I can’t cut the canvas down like a piece of paper.

This might be all I can get in one post so I will post the changes made today………….tomorrow unless something keeps me from it.

To be continued……HUMMM, does anyone know how big a video file Blogger will allow?

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