I sat down to watch the weather since we finally have a little thunder and lightning in the area. Instead I found another one of those endless infomercials for “whatever” can make for a better life, more energy, and of course, not least…lose weight, and especially your tummy…or yeah, and throw in get rid of cellulite and wrinkles.

SO, I hit on a fabulous new way to make some money……Paint a painting, sculpt a new sculpture, etc that promises if you buy it and look at it every day in the morning, noon and night, you are guaranteed within 15 days to lose that middle, get more energy and have a wonderful, successful life. And this is free, all except you have to pay your small shipping and handling charge…oh yeah, it (new small paintings/artwork) will be automatically be sent to you quarterly so you can renew all this wonderful effect on your mind and body.

Anyone want to help me develop this wonderful new product?

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