Hum….I don’t like this photographing of long or tall skinny paintings. Out here at our new location, it is even worse since I don’t have a set place to photograph. SO, call on your husband to hold them…thank goodness no more slides on felt and they can be cropped.

Well…I spoke too soon on that one as my program kept wanting to crop off the top of one of the panels when I applied the filter to straighten. I think I finally got it okay. However, a 12 x 72″ diptych is not easily seen when you have to get back far enough to take it’s photo. SO, I took a full length and separate ones of each panel.

I decided to title this diptych, Familiar-Unfamiliar. I started this painting some time ago. I kept staring at it …just like the previous painting until I just couldn’t stand it any longer. Fix it or cover it all up. It was 98% done or it would have to be re-painted. I was fortunate that it worked. My mantra again……..Just DO it.

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