well…it’s happening as usual………………the uglies. This diptych has reached this phase. Funny how looking at the white canvas is not my worst moment….it’s a new beginning where I can put on all those beautiful pigments. They look so wonderful with the white showing through the transparency as I build up color. I almost hate to cover them up. SO, when this ugly stage hits, it’s almost a relief to just let them go. The beginning and the end are the most fun. It’s when you don’t know where you’re going…………..and when you finally know where you are going. It’s that muddling lost feeling you have in the middle that is the pits.

Sorry that ugly picture is up in the studio. Maybe next post the painting will be on it’s way to a better state.

Oh yeah…that nice clip I posted of Wolf Kahn talking about his work and how color and texture conflict. A good friend and fabulous artist, Cathy Hegman, mentioned that must be why she is painting with neutrals lately. Yeah…they do conflict since you can hardly concentrate on more than one element at a time without taking away from the other. Sometimes you give up something to make an emphasis on the other.

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