I just didn’t know what to do with the first painting I started at colony. It was going the same way as many of my Little Pieces of Land paintings. Toned it with a warm ground and drew marks and shapes in my usual mode. That’s the problem…I need to get out of my usual mode now and then. i can’t find the picture here in the house on this computer as I think it is on my laptop in the studio.

This canvas is 48 x 36 and I just broke out a couple of brayers and some left over neutral mixtures of paint I had out from a previous painting and was going to just paint over it and start again. What’s another layer, huh!

Anyway, in the process of covering up, I found something else……..that little bit of land peeping out of the colors I just kept mixing up intuitively. I like it. It’s softer than my usual pieces but that stronger design does come though here and there and marries with the top layer to become its own.

The ranch where we live is about 200 acres and I look out on all this every time I look out the windows in the house or in the studio. There is a creek that runs through named Johnson Creek…………SO, this painting is titled, “Johnson Creek, Pasture Land”.

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