I finally got back up to the studio to work on the other panel I am preparing for encaustic. I took a couple of pictures the other day…then the camera battery went dead earlier when I was going to show the sanding, etc. Oh well, …here are pictures of the panels prepped, drying and waiting for the wax..tomorrow, I hope.

Oh yeah, you will note that the d ‘Arches is not quite wide enough to go the full 48″ length of the panels. I (on purpose) did not cut into the paper to make it a full coverage. To me that would have been more of a problem to cut straight…and I always figure a little bit of a challenge to work on a project adds dimension to the project in the end. It forces a little more innovation to work with materials in a different way. It makes me come up with a new wheel so to speak.

The second panel didn’t glue down quite so easily as the first. Finally I have it all down though and it looks fine. Then I looked around for more papers or wood strips or anything that might work in that space at the end with no w/c paper on it. I found some good thick paper with lettering on it. This paper will be heavy enough (like the d “Arches to not have medium seep through and ruin the bond with the wax later. I cut and tore it off un-evenly and am now leaving all to dry overnight.

The sides of the panels still have some of the gold covered canvas, slightly sanded. When I get through with the work I will decide then what color to paint or stain them to go with the work. For now, I’m doing nothing to them.

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