I started back in on the panels again today. I made some progress on one of them.

First, I did decide that I thought I would go with yellow as the accent with these black, gray and white (whitish)paintings.

SO…I got out my oil sticks and made more marks and scribbles around as is my general method of working. You do have to start somewhere. ..and this was it for me. I did this on my wall easel again so I could actually see what I was doing. It is near impossible to see anything working on something fairly large laying flat out on a table.

I did say yellow……..but that means all kinds a varieties of yellows from lemon to ochre…..AND I LOVE orange.

Then I took one of the panels down and carried it back to my studio kitchen aka encaustic painting area. This place is never going to be the same..in the sunlight I could see fine drops of wax flying in the air..off to furniture and almost certainly to the floor, my jeans and shoes. I wouldn’t have know for some time if the sun hadn’t come raking through the windows just so.

Anyway…this one panel has a good second layer of scribbling, scumbling, and more laying down of encaustic medium with various pigments glazed in.

I think I will work on the other one next to keep these works going in tandem and try not to get too finished on one before moving on to the other.

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