to celebrate the new year 2010, I decided this was as good a time as any to import/export my old blogspot blog from to the new one to correctly designate my new location here on the farm.  The new blog is called Johnson Creek Studio – Cheryl D. McClure.

Hum…it seems to have imported all my old 300+ blog posts and comments but I will be testing it out. Oh my… I forgot to actually look to see what the new URL is. I think it should be  but I will check it out and make corrections if needed.

Oh yeah……..back to the new name/title. I thought and thought about what to call this blog with our move over here from last year. I guess I was just talking with my husband about the place and it occurred to me that with this creek running across our property…….I even named a new painting with that title, that this is the perfect title for the blog.

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