I worked in the studio all afternoon until the wind howling ran me out. We’re expecting 17 tonight…and that’s way cooler than usual for northeastern Texas.

Today, I started working on the other 24 x 24″ cradled board as I think the other one I posted last time needs some think and observation time before I proceed further.

This one already had a little beeswax on it so I started looking through collage papers that didn’t already have acrylic or anything that couldn’t absorb wax. I find that if I “think’ about all this too much it just stifles me. So I just started throwing a lot of paper around and came across some aerial maps from my trip to Arizona a few years ago. The pilot (Mr I fly for art) gave me his old maps.

Working with these should be fun…but it doesn’t matter if they are there and readable when I get through or not. Probably for sure I don’t want them to be there TOO much and TOO readable. I got out other papers and then started laying them out. I didn’t really ‘see’ that much so I figured I might as well go for it and it would come as it darn well wanted to. These paintings have a mind of their own. And if I don’t like it, I can just melt it all off or cover it all up.

SO, I have part of maps, and a big piece of dark blue paper.  I cut some of the pieces of maps into strips and laid that down in places along the bottom. These strips and the blue do not have any wax on them yet………… I had to leave them all when I had to start closing down all the window blinds for the cold winds coming in.

This time I triple checked I turned off my encaustic medium that had finally gotten ready after being stirred what seemed like all afternoon.

We’ll see how it goes next session……..

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