Okay……the previous start just didn’t work for me. SO, something to do is just paint over it. That I did, and I chose yellow since yellow was already there in the under-painting. As the work developed I could still see some of the marks I made and they continued to make me think of plants/trees/organic matter. By the time I got through manipulating the paint, scraping and adding more in variations…….it made me think of the fossils found of plant and animal life from eons ago. SO,…..tentatively, I titled this work , Yellow-Gray, Fossil.

I started to work on another small 10 x 10 x 2″ panel. This one had a layer of natural beeswax or two on it and I drew and made marks with some oil sticks and pastels, added some wax, fused and manipulated it all around and added more wax. Yellow must be permeating my life today with the sun shining so this one also got a great dollop of yellow. I have titled this work, Yellow Sky Kinda Day.

Upon seeing this one…I may have to do a little more finessing of this band of blues…just a little too straight across without enough variation. We’ll see!

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