I’m continuing to work on the small encaustic pieces. I picked up a little piece I worked on in the workshop and didn’t know what in the world I was going to do with this little painting unless I put in into a larger painting. SO, that is what I did. This little piece looked so much like the dormancy prevalent in winter that I went for adding a ‘background’ for it. This picture seems to look a lot more yellow that what I see in person…….but I think it worked out.

DEAD OF WINTER…….. encaustic, 10 x 10″ cradled panel

I work on a couple of pieces at a time so I had my eye still on this piece that I put a heavy matted paper on earlier. I also dug some stuff out of a basket and laid that out with it. It has a primitive face, beads and leather strings. What in the heck am I going to do with this I couldn’t figure out. I see things like this off and on and I like them, but when I try to work with this kind of material I’m verging on not being my usual self. I decided I would do it anyway, so I just started adding papers and I made marks on the papers with charcoal. Medium was layered on and fused…….oops the little metal face wants to come loose when it gets hot.  I just kept adding marks and made some with the flow tool as well. I liked the nice little ‘accidental’ green that came out of the tool before I added the white.  Finally, I came up with this to photograph.

PRIMITIVE…..encaustic, papers, found elements, 10 x 10″ cradled panel

I’ve got the Holy Grail  ( Evans Encaustics ) applied and drying on a new larger 24 x 36″ board now………ready to go later. I love having that lovely white surface to start on sometimes.

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