I’ve been back for two more sessions working on this latest encaustic painting. Before today I was a little concerned about too much texture over all the panel. Now I have heated carefully, let cool a little and scraped over and over (thanks, Hylla, for the tips). I think now it has smoother areas to play against the texture….at least when you run your hand over it. This photo makes the sky look a little light to me now. I will just have to get more accurate photos later. There really is a touch of that ochre in the upper plane along with the pale, grayed blue violet.

Another thing that had been bothering me (and still does as a small thumbnail)…….the greenish ochre areas in the foreground looked too much like big splotches. I now have and smoothed them out some and spread the color a little more across that plane. It might could do with a little more coolness possibly but it works okay this way as well since the warm advances.

I’ll have to think about a title  although this is making me think desert, colors of the southwest, etc. Any suggestions? I  hate to title something too explicitly without a real gut feeling about it that is authentic.

Back to Hylla…….she is Hylla of EvansEncaustics.com. She is a peach and gave me some tips for the smoothing down of some of these textured areas. She also makes gorgeous encaustic paint and medium. Give them a try, I think you’ll like them. Oh yeah….and it was her Holy Grail encaustic gesso I used at the first of this painting.

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