On to the next painting…and a snafu or two. Today, I turned the old wooden drawing table over to see if I could raise it up a little more…………..yaay, it seems I can. This is a lot better for collaged encaustic work…or any collage for that matter as it is much more exactly for placement of the elements.

I opened up my last box of panels… 4, 12 x 36″ ones from CheapJoes. They are the extra deep prime panels and I like them a lot. However, in this instance, I noticed a snafu here when I laid them out on the table. I thought I would line them all up and work as a whole multiple…either verticle or horizontal…no matter. However, lining them up I began to see other possibilities UNTIL I noted that the one on the end placed vertically lined up next to the other three laying out horizontally didn’t line up exactly. Finally, I measured and these panels are all the same size but they are 1/4 inch short of 36″ SO, I can’t play around with all the arranging I thought might be fun to do.  Bummer. Guess I’ll just go back to the first impulse and line them all up going the same way.

This is something to remember in case I ever do want to do the other arrangement sometime to make a little change-up in panel orientation in the future.

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