I’ve been busy in the studio all day with putting on all the hangers, wire, polishing, cleaning edges and finding boxes or not for work that is going to a show in Plano (see previous post on the Art Centre of Plano). tomorrow. I confess, most of the cleaning of edges and wiring is for my two person show with Peggy Epner at the Encaustic Center than opens Friday. I’ll post more later on that.

I hate putting off stuff like wiring panels/canvas but it’s one of those things I do. It’s especially bad if you have a lot of them to do at one time and your studio is so cluttered you hardly have room to work.

I still don’t have a good box for two 24 x 48″ panels with encaustic so I just put glassine on the fronts of them, topped the top and bottom of each panel with bubble…and wrapped all that clingy wrap around each end hoping they won’t move and cause any damage. If I ever ship this painting off anywhere I will have to have boxes custom made. In the meantime, they will go like this.

My little panels work quite well in the Uline literary mailers. I wish they made more sizes of these boxes. Others can fit in more standard size boxes. I can tell you that shipping, packing and hauling is the pits…….unless you are hauling something that someone purchased :>)

The work table is so crowded my two new 30 x 30 panels are still there from when I put them together last week. SO, I just worked on top of them.  I won’t show you what the other two rooms look like…disasterville!

In these photos I have a one piece I hope will get in a show soon and I’ll be very happy to get the notice when ever it comes. All the rest are going to The Encaustic Center or the Plano show.

It will be SO nice when all this work is out hanging in shows so I can get a little room to work on more. Soon I may have to build or rent a climate controlled space for finished work if someone doesn’t swoop in and say…….. “I love your work and I want to buy it.”

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