Friday, April 16th 6:00 to 9:00
Show continues through May, 28th

Peggy and Cheryl will be doing a demo on their intriguing techniques at 7:00 and 7:45!
We so look forward to having you here for an evening of art, food, wine and music!

                    Peggy Epner “The Red Thread”  
Peggy Epner
Throughout human history, there have been cultures that have regarded trees as having spirits.  It is not difficult to imagine why.  Trees live, grow, adapt, and die, subject to the same forces of nature that rule humans.  On a cellular level, humans and trees are made up of the same essential ingredients.  We come from the same source, whatever you believe that to be.
My work assumes an interconnectedness of the world’s life forms, particularly of man to the forest.  Throughout my life, I have played, explored, and slept in the forest.  It always feels like coming home.  It is a spiritual connection that goes to the root of who I am as an artist and a person.

In my evolving visual vocabulary, wood and reference to trees have come to represent the bodies, spirits, and intentions of people.  Sometimes mine.  Sometimes yours.  Sometimes everyone’s.  Does it really matter?  It is all the same.

                              Cheryl D. McClure “The Green Heart of Italy”

Cheryl D. McClure
I have always been influenced by nature and the land. Living on a ranch in northeastern Texas for the past two years has moved that influence up a notch. I am surrounded by trees, pasture lands, sky, pond and a meandering creek. Looking out my windows in the house or the studio is such a pleasure…even in bad weather; I find something I never noticed before.
With all this said, I don’t set out to paint what I actually see in nature. It just comes through as I work through my process. Whether in acrylic painting or the wonderful encaustic medium, I strive to let the painting speak to me. I make revisions when I see that is where the painting is going. I have a conversation with the paint and the process.
Without a social or political message, surface quality, color relationships and design are what I am most interested in when painting.
The Encaustic Center:
580 W.Arapaho Rd. #271
Richardson, TX. 75080

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