I finally got the pictures taken of the small pieces I worked on at Daniella Woolf’s workshop at the 4th Annual Encaustic Conference. Although Daniella gave us some real in-depth information about the techniques she uses in her own work, the main focus was using type and words in your work. The first thing she wanted us to do was to just write for a short time anything we wanted to write…not to be seen by anyone else but ourselves.
After that it was ….start working on the panels you brought. Some people made a great panel of the new techniques they were learning…..others like me just painted using something that we were learning to use…type or a few of the techniques along with our own style of painting.

Off the top of my head and wanting to be positive, I thought of  “some days are good, some not, this will be a good day”. I scribbled that across the three 5 x 7 x 2″ wood panels I brought with me. They had already been coated with Holy Grail (Evans Encaustics encaustic gesso). The colors were just the colors Daniella gave us to work with or we could use any others we might have brought with us. I just used what was at hand. Funny how these are such ‘southwest’ colors and me being from Texas. I used collage papers in small amounts and even used some of the little ‘dots’ from the demo and stencil Daniella gave us.

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