I finally got to spend a little time with the Hot-Box I bought from Paula Roland. I really don’t now what I’m doing here, but it should be fun to experiment around. I have a lot of paper in the studio from other projects. That was another reason for wanting to try this technique of encaustic monotype.

I heated up the box to the approximate 160 or so degrees for working. I decided to use some of the new Evans Encaustic colors I bought at the conference…in the wonderfully subtle colors of Hylla’s hen’s eggs. I did add a few other colors ..that beautiful Cobalt Aqua from Encaustikos is the stronger color…and a green from R & F Encaustic.

Anyway…. I had some printmaking paper torn up into small sections, so I used it. I took a couple of pictures of the three pieces I think might work out into a piece I can mount on a panel possibly. These are just straight monotypes. I haven’t done anything to enhance them other than brushing some plain clear medium on top to make a good surface.

I’ll just lay them aside for now…and consider how I might work back into them. They make me think of sand and sea.

This is a picture that takes in one (first one) and a little of the bottom of the second one.   Strange but it makes it look like a lovely little land/seascape arranged in this manner.

The second picture denotes the third monotype with a section of the middle one below it. It also has another feel to it with this arrangement.

The last is a picture of all three monotypes stacked up…If used in this manner, they will need some more work to unify all three into one design.

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