Struggle Struggle Struggle……….Some days and weeks are like that and this is one of them. I had high hopes when I started this 36 x 72 canvas and toned it all with red. Only thing is, it suddenly just went south on me and became tired looking all over the center area. So I turned it in a horizontal and proceeded after thinking on it for a long time……just painted all of it out with more red. And we’re talking a lot of cadmium here folks.

SO, today, back to the studio to make marks or just DO something with this thing. I made marks, I added paint…it started looking like I am surrounded by forest or something plant like.. I don’t want to know what this is. I am not wanting to paint SOMETHING, I want to paint a good painting without a known subject.

I think it might look better here in my I-phone pictures than it does when I see it in the studio. So happy I added in all that violet. This is waaay too busy for my taste. NOW….where am I going to paint out and what color and value, that is the question.???  Sometimes looking at process pictures gives you some thoughts on what you have done right or wrong, or will tell you that you don’t need any more or that you need a lot more. Sooner or later it will come to me but right now it’s hot and I’m tired.

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