Searching, acrylic on canvas……72 x 48 x 1.5″
This painting is done……..

I hope so, unless there are tiny little adjustments upon more viewing. It sure came a long way from a gestural, wild, red under-painting. It seems that some work just demands a lot of searching with the paint, layering, scraping and trusting in your own mode of expression to come out. That’s really always the key…trusting and no fear.

Another thing I noted that sure was a continual problem working on this whole painting is the way the paint would dry up on my palettes before I could get very far. AND, if you know me, or have observed me at work, that takes some fast drying.

Due to the ‘search’, I am really considering the title to be “Searching”….at least it will hold some meaning to me if not to anyone else viewing it.

As you might notice…. I changed my blog template playing around with the new stuff with blogger…not sure about this…what do you think??

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