Blue In_Process 20x16 encaustic on panel

I’ve mentioned before my dislike of working within themes or concepts. Last time I heated up the wax I was trying to work with a theme in mind. It was confining to my process to say the least. Finally, I just started working on another panel and that was a lot more fun for me. Although I liked the way the second painting started and the first one might end up being a pretty good painting when I get back to it, I feel constrained by having to work through someone else’s idea.

SO………does this mean I am not an artist if I don’t have a concept or an idea in mind other than the formal aspects I enjoy a lot more? I don’t know as I figure that many others might be in the same boat. However, in the scheme of things, that doesn’t matter to me about what the others feel…it is what I feel for my painting that matters. I know I have to stretch myself at times to do some of these pieces by someone else’s idea/them/concept. I may find I love the piece when I get through…………oh yeah, and I may hate it and just cover that sucker up so it will never see the light of day again.

For now, I just have to trust in the process I use to make art work………and hope it is art in someone else’s eyes as well as my own. I find content in the work after it is finished and I realize where it came from. ….within me, my imagination and my experiences.

SO…out there in blog land….where does your content come from?

Oh yeah…. and here is the 20 x 16 inch encaustic painting I have in progress that was fun to work on.

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