I decided to just keep looking at that last painting for a time. So I started work on a 30 x 30 wood panel that had been calling to me from the corner of my encaustic work room.

I keep wanting to get some flow and gesture more in the wax painting process. That is my general way of working. However, the wax can cool so quickly that it is hard to get this flow painting with wax. In this particular instance I decided to use some of the paint I had mixed up in little cans on the hot palette and to use the brush and pour some of it out and manipulate it around…back and forth and so on. I had so many purples, pinks, reds, etc out that this painting ended up being dominated by pinks. I guess I’m on a pick kick since the Pink Ground painting not long ago.

Anyway, with all this said, I hauled it out on the studio porch and took this picture. I’m kinda thinking this is ‘done’……if not, then it won’t be much more done, and probably not noted by anyone but me











Pink Sky, encaustic on wood panel, 30 x 30 x 2 inches.

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