Two down, one to go, if I can get another encaustic painting done to enter for the Beeline show in Provincetown, MA. I always hate to send in an entry to a show without sending as many pieces as they allow.

Hum….now what can I do now to come up with another one to generally fit the theme of BEELINE??? Do you remember how I keep mentioning I hate themes… why do they come around so often!

Today on FB there was a small discussion about entering shows… facing rejection and all that stuff we artists contend with every day, year after year. Joanne Mattera, the founder of THE Encaustic Conference reminded us of a great blog post she had up some time back on rejection.  Great article all artists should read now and then.

I can hope I won’t be going to read it again for awhile.  Pictures after the jury comes in.

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