I’ve been working a lot with encaustic lately so I let the beginnings of an acrylic painting wait. Not a good idea if you want to continue your conversation with that painting. I had a purple ground on the painting. It really wasn’t working for me by the time I got back to it. You know how it is…the gesture is wrong, you are just ‘off’.

Yesterday late I decided to just start working it over with a warm ochre color and go from there. I dug out pencils, pastels, paints and any other thing I could think of to shake things up a little. I got a good base going…or at least something to paint into and over.

Today I got going on it a lot more and it probably is finished……………it went from a cool, horizontal purple ground to a warm vertical painting with the feeling of the current Meander series paintings. I consider it finished and titled it Meander 4.


Meander 4

Meander 4 acrylic on canvas 48 x 36 x 1.5 inches



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