Counting down the days until the 5th Annual Encaustic Conference………..only about 16 to go before heading off to Dallas to be prepared for the flight out to Boston and then on to Provincetown. I’ve never been so this will be especially fun this time.

I painted a special painting hoping it would be included in the beeline show…..regretfully, not. The other two are works that I can show in galleries or exhibition venues. This one is only for that show so I suppose it will end up being changed at some point or just hung in my studio until such time as I run out of space to hang things. I’m sorry it is too large for my suitcase or I would take it for the Hotel Fair.

I impulsively made this painting. This is not usual for me to be so impulsive with an actual plan in mind. I had to work really hard to fasten the ‘letter/envelope’ to the board as it was so impregnated with wax I was figuring it wouldn’t stay stuck down. So I found some little brass hinges to attach it so it could open and close. It also hangs loose from the backing panel except for the hinges.

The painting is a 20 x 20 x 2 inch panel with encaustic wax, and a waxed ‘envelope’ made of Stonehenge paper coated with encaustic medium. Before I ‘waxed’ the paper, I addressed it……..
FROM: TX to MA…… TO: Encaustic Conference… P-town, MA.

Inside the flap, I wrote: Dear other artists working in wax. Just to let you know______you are the ‘best’. I am so happy to ‘bee’ joining you for our conference 2011____P-town here I come. Warmly yours, CMcClure

It was a fun to make painting…….It brought to mind a long conversation so many of us working in wax had been discussing on FB. Are we ‘encaustic artists’, or just artists who happened to be working in wax.

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