Hummm.. what to say, what to say! We were SO tired the day we arrived that all we did that day (was it only yesterday??)..was check into the agritourisimo, go to the market for a few things to start, and then took a one hour nap during the time the market was closed in the afternoon. In the evening, we had our first night’s dinner at Montegabbione nearby. We slept until 11:30 Italy time… will take a few days to acclimate. So, in the afternoon yesterday, we traveled over to Orvieto (about 35k away). Being there in the late afternoon and with some sun this time was great. It was also less crowded this time. I took some pics as did Carolyn, but I found myself taking more of the cracked marble floor in front of the cathedral doors as well the sides of a wall on another building across the piazza. This cathedral is one as of the most beautiful around. I really fell in love with this particular ‘tree-like’ form that appears to come out of the sides of the building walls.




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