WoW…… has been a long time. I didn’t end up blogging from Italy much this time due to posting on Face Book.

Now I hope I am recuperated……so I started a new diptych. Both canvases are 48 x 48 inches. They will probably go together as a diptych but most of the times the two canvases can also stand alone. I started this work just before I left for an oil painting workshop in Dallas which I will report on in a later post. So much fun using cold wax medium.

This work has a toned and textured canvas……, of course. No..not of course, as many times the work will take on an entirely different color by the time I get through. This one, I think will remain dominated by green.

The first toning, etc along with some mark making with chalk pastel is shown below.

In progress 48 x 96 inches….2 panels, acrylic on 2 canvases

It wasn’t my intent to make a forest or green underwater world……..but with the slopping on of the acrylic paint, it could certainly be developed that way. Nothing is delineated to makes any subject. The painting will just progress as it will direct. I try to listen.

The next work session, I set up my usual palette of colors but also make up one just for larger amounts of paint. You can tell I will need a lot. SO, with varying shades and tints of green with some bits of the other colors from the basic palette to vary the color, I just started in on the left panel. One color and brush stroke influences the next. Now and then I wipe my brush or knife off on the other canvas just to keep bits of those colors integrated into the whole of the two canvases.

I finally reach a time when I think it is time to stop for the day. I didn’t work for hours on end. That is not my usual way to work. I like to sit back, look and then come back later and let the painting surprise me. Some times it’s more of a shock…good or bad.

Here is a picture of what is happening with the third layer……but as I said, mostly on the left side. I’ll post the finished work next post.

Here is a close-up of a small area.

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