All I can say short and sweet is……..I ‘really’ messed up this other 20 x 20 inch panel oil painting when I got around to going to work on it again. I don’t know about you but when I work and then set something aside, most times I cannot go back in with the same feeling, gesture, mark, etc. the start had. SO I always (almost always) end up re-working the whole thing……especially something as small as a 20 x 20.
The image below is the beginning of this studio session….or I might say, the end of the previous one back at the first of the month.

3rd start panel

Third start oil on panel

It had some things going for it… a soft, muted, simple quality that had some marks in it I really liked. But, also, dull. That’s the problem as we all know… if you like them, then you protect them. A real no-no and I know it well. What the heck, I had to do something so I just got out lighter paint and just spread it all over the place…….OH NO. Didn’t look good at all. I really screwed up. Of course, I rely on the old ‘fly by the seat of my pants and wish hard mode”…..and figure this is all for the best. It didn’t look like me anyway so I can now be free to do anything else I want and it can’t be worse.

The joy……I got out those wonderful R & F pigment/paint sticks I have been buying. I really don’t have a clue how to really use them. I have watched a video or two and used them to make some good, big marks that I then painted back into. Other than that!
However, if there is something more luscious and sensuous to apply to a painting, I have not found it before this. OMG, I need to buy stock and I will need money to buy more of these. Whether or not the painting is successful or not, I love the process of using these sticks.

End of the day, I have this painting………much more the way my paintings look gesture-wise than brayered and squeegeed although that makes a wonderful start and background for the paint sticks to work into. Now to see how long they take to dry………..and IF I will still like this when I get to the studio next time.

Oil Stick-cold wax 3 next stage

Looks like there is a little glare on the lower left areas……..end of day, i-phone photo but will do for the blog.

Anyone have lots of tips on pigment sticks, let me know.

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