Today, I finally got the chance to go up and work on the last of the four oil/cold wax medium paintings I started in Dallas at the first of the month. I really liked this combination of colors… magenta, red, orange,gold-ochre, etc. But the painting was not finished.

I didn’t know whether or not I would do what I did with the last one and almost totally re-paint it or not. I slathered a little cold wax medium on the top of the fairly dried paint and used a few oil paint sticks……opened up my palette to look at the colors I had there that might work with this one. I did use some sticks but also brayered them down a little softening the edges that I made with the sticks and an occasional brush mark or two.

I kept looking at it as I tried to keep layering some more paint on the other paintings wooden panel edges………finally, I decided this is where I am leaving it, at least for now. It is a blessing and a curse like pastels that you can keep coming back and painting more later if you wish without much difficulty as long as you don’t put a final varnish on top. AND cold wax medium and oil paintings generally do not have one unless you want a glossier finish.

I even started thinking of titles………. This one… Out of the Clearing 2.

This is the way I left it in the studio today.

Out of the Clearing 2, oil on 20 x 20 x 2 inch wood panel

The painting below is where I started……..

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