Sitting down with coffee this morning, I saw a blog posting from my artist friend, Holly Roberts. The blog was discussing birds, etc. which was strange in that we’ve been seeing a hawk around the farm lately a lot and I took a photo of it yesterday.

Reading the blog, brought to mind a collage I made some years back. I had some found elements (don’t we all who work with collage) that I’d never been able to use. One was a photo of a bird silhouette and one was an old crumbling map of my husband’s I lifted from his stuff.

I was at Mississippi Art Colony working so I just asked some of my friends to give me a color to start with arbitrarily. The color was yellow. I looked through all the stuff I had with me and there were the pictures, maps and other papers,, both painted and found.

Putting them all together, I was delighted to find I could use that map and that silhouette……..all in the same collage. When all was finished, I suddenly realized that bird had been waiting for the right place to go. Into a collage with a map of Lake O the Pines. That bird was an eagle and the eagles come to that lake to nest every year.

This is the only painting my son has asked for me to save for him. Oh yeah, and my husband was shocked to see I had used his ‘honey hole’ fishing map.


Eagle Over The Pines acrylic, collage, found and painted papers, 11.5 x 20 inches.

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