I said I was going to put that panel up and work on the other one…………I did, but first I decided to add more gray and black in the lower part of the panel as I thought it looked too much of a vignette.
I then started adding paint to the other panel……….I always need to get enough paint on a canvas or panel so I can work from there.

I’m having second thoughts on all these blacks, whites, grays………..but I am continuing.

I have to face the fact like usual at some point that I am going to have to quit making lots of little nuances and just negative paint the hell out of the painting. When that time comes it will work or it won’t.

I think I may have to go find some small sauce pans so I can pour some large amounts of paint.

bothGestureEncausticPanelsIN_Progress 2ndPanelIN_Progress


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