Working some days now in encaustic, I suddenly had the urge to paint with oil again. I got all the supplies I needed set up and started adding layers until I just couldn’t add any more since they were too wet.  I did make a lot of marks by inscribing into the paint and just playing around with marks and the brayer.

Today the work had set up some so I set out to add more paint…. same old, same old….. you add paint, you make marks, you cover them up and you make more. If you aren’t careful (and even if you are) you make mud. Well……….there is good mud, beautiful mud and just mud.

I was afraid I had the ‘just mud’ without enough contrast or spark there. SO it is time to take a photo with the handy i-phone and go back to the house. These are the pics I took without any lighting on them…just the light from the windows coming in but not strongly….. the full painting and a top and bottom detail shot.

36 x 24 x 2 inch oil on wood panel


oil in progress Bottom   oil in progress TOP  oil in progress full painting

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