Some interesting information about numbers, numerology, astronomy, the earth, time and landscape have been occupying my mind lately. In this encaustic painting I have been using some of this information to address some of the symbols of numbers, and the counting methods used in megalithic astronomy. Just one interesting site is Sky and At one point I found sites and books that tell you so many things about numbers you can become very confused……….especially since they do not all agree.

For my purposes in this painting I used the color green and a coppery hue sine I remember reading that was a metal associated with the number 7.  My style of painting usually has a land or landscape feeling so I wanted incorporate the land/landscape and symbols of time, numbers, etc.

I used the previously mentioned colors on a 24 x 24 x 2 inch cradled panel and used encaustic paint, medium and some oil paint sticks. Since in the megalithic times, time has been counted by using stones and tally marks used as stones, etc. to mark periods of time (day, month, year). The 7 small rectangles represent 7 of these time periods and the tally marks also the same.

Of course, no one needs to know this information about the symbols in this painting, they might just appreciate it for an abstracted landscape. Apologies…this image is a little too blue but the other one was a little too pink…it’s just too cloudy today and this is a photo from my phone. It also has a haze over it that is not there in person…maybe needs more scraping and polishing and a brighter day.



Counting Time  encaustic/oil 24 x 24x 2″

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