I went to Houston last week to freshen up the inventory there at Jack Meier gallery. Now that I am home, I have to re-arrange all the work I brought back and think about where some of it will go in the next round of rotation with galleries. AND, it is Spring Cleaning time.

This painting is titled Meander 13 and is an acrylic diptych, 48 x 48 inches hung vertically. I have a couple of these paintings …or this one is larger and another is 30 x 30 inches.

I was thinking that when it was painted a couple of years ago, I was really getting into the line, mark-making and more nuanced additions to the paint in a painting. I have continued to be intrigued with making these varied marks in my paintings ever since. Some are made with graphite, or charcoal or india ink.

This one just might be one of the paintings I show at a museum show I am invited to opening mid summer. The second painting is one I did first… the 30 x 30 inch, Meander 12.




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