Completion of another Annotation series work… Veil

For two weeks, I have worked on this painting. It is oil so I have to wait (sometimes I am glad to wait, other times not), between the layers. It seems I am working with a lot of neutral colors lately. This kind of thing comes and goes in my work. It seems I have to make marks with any kind of color or implement, then cover them up. Then do this over and over until I embed the marks and colors into the surface. “It”.. the mark or color,  needs to become a part of the surface. Not on top as an after thought but a part of the whole.

Like most artists, then I doubt myself and think..what was I thinking?    And the next day I think I really do know what I am doing….HA, as if I will ever know what I am doing every step of the way. Whatever happens, I hope when the time comes, I will know when to stop.

In this painting, I can only hope that I have not veiled it so much that it becomes homogenized into a work that has no real impact.

I consider it a part of the Annotations Series I started last year.. with the sub-title of Veil.

Annotation, Veil

Annotation, Veil  40 x 40 inches, oil on canvas


Asphalt and art

Asphalt or art!

Today most of the day is spent in household stuff……….AND getting our long uphill drive and area near the garage and under my studio asphalted. It was LONG overdue.

I did finally get upstairs to the studio to work on another 30 x 30″ canvas. No pics since it was too late to get a good one ..for one reason. For the other, I have to make sure it is finished.

Here’s a couple of pictures of asphalt…I KNOW you will love to see asphalt. Tomorrow if the sun is right and the painting is finished I’ll get one of it for you.

Oh yeah…pardon the second pic taken through the window screen.

In between I made a fine pot of baby lima beans……..yum!