Am I lucky ???

What a fantastic start to my trip to Chicago. Of course, like everyone else I have wonderful kids. I go to Dallas frequently since my oldest daughter has a condo there. It is always so much fun to experience the vitality of a large city and she lives in a great area for getting around.

When I took my stuff in and put my overnight case in my room….there was a beautiful chocolate box with a ribbon on it on my pillow. She was out of town but took extra trouble to make her mom feel good…I’m gonna cry.

I had time to relax so I went shopping…..didn’t buy a thing. Isn’t that a great feeling…didn’t see a thing I needed. So, I’m set for Chicago whatever weather, As my friend Pat tells me every time I wan to pack everything and anything…..”you aren’t going to outer Slobovia…if you need it, you can buy it there.”

Chicago, here I come……….tomorrow.

Stoking the creative fires!

Stoking the creative fires!

Well…………let me tell you, there is nothing like getting together with other artists to stoke the creative fires! And I am feeling SO GOOD…………although I have to admit it doesn’t take too much to make me feel good. Someone (galleries) saying they love my work,hanging it, and I hope, selling it will make me feel a mile high, talking with friends, eating good food with a couple of glasses of wine…that will do it for me.

With all this said…I’m coming back from a 4 day trip to Dallas to move work to a new gallery, Artizen Fine Arts, taking an encaustic workshop north of the area where I will be staying/visiting with my daughter and an artist friend or two joining us………all at the same time.