Hummm…it’s been a while since I posted to the blog. Guess I gotta quit saying that as it happens quite frequently.

I’ve been out and about, working on the twelve panels (which I think I am deciding are finished). I just put an insolation medium coat of GAC 500 on and maybe will sand and very lightly stain and finish the sides to resemble framing.

I had a wonderful visit with Nita Leland in Dallas over a couple of days there. My friend Robin Walker and I met her one evening for dinner and we all talked non-stop for two hours. Aren’t artist friends great! I went home the next day instead of going by her workshop………the oak pollen has done a number on me for over a week. The headache will NOT go away.

I’ve had some very flattering news lately………..I got a call from Kathy Cooper of the Women Artists of the West group last week. She asked me if I would exhibit with their group at the Annual Exhibit and meeting to be held at the Hilligoss Galleries, Chicago, IL (actually at the Long Grove gallery location) in November. Wow….well of course, I said yes. Now what will I send or maybe paint something new? It’s an honor to be included in this group although I certainly don’t paint like anyone else who is a member there. They seem to have mostly realistic painters. They do have diverse interests, with their membership scattered all over the country…and not just in the western states now.

After the panels dry….I’m putting them away for awhile to “rest“. and will be getting some big canvases down to start priming for the next project. Been working on those little pieces TOO long….I coulda painted a mural by now.

Oh………..and all those little wax tools like hot palettes and paints are coming in and staring at me……but they can wait for some new little panels for the moment.I’ve spent a lot of time at the encaustic forum, too, so no wonder I didn’t have time to post anything

……Getting out those BIG brushes next.

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