Overall…………a good day Saturday! After getting up at 5 am and going over to pick up a friend, we drove to Dallas for an art seminar and DADA art walk. …hum maybe drive in Dallas is a better word.

We found the Latino Cultural Center without any problem at all, registered and waited for the seminar to begin. (while looking for the previous link, I found this one that really shows off the building outside…at the Dallas Arts Revue site… All the fees went to a good cause (scholarship for an art student). The seminar was a mixed bag…I didn’t get much from it personally as an artist. I know they were trying but some of the hierarchy in the art world just don’t “get it” as far as the perspective of the average (is there such) artist working out there today. Most of them think we’re all trying to beat down their doors to show our work and that we don’t have an inkling of what they do and how they schedule. Only thing is, we do…or I say WE…..I do and so does the artist in the audience who asked the question that I can’t remember exactly now. He wanted to know how we could better facilitate networking and more interaction among all the different levels/strata (museum administrator/curator, gallery dealer,critic, artist) or whatever in the art world there in Dallas and north TX. (This was my take on the question anyway). Shame on me for being shy about speaking out so I respect that he did so. Anyway, the curator/museum administration/critic types who were there on the panel….just didn’t GET the question. There would be none of any of it without the artist. Hence the problem.

Now, my take on this is that we all need to be out there networking our rears off ALL the time….but how do we do this and also have the private, introspective time we need to create our work? You just can’t do it all. In a perfect world, someone would be there to do some of this stuff….and some artists think they need to find someone to SELL them or do it for them. It just is not gonna happen people. You have to do it yourself. The internet is certainly a boon to the artist trying to do as much as they can in whatever time they have to spare. It has been for me anyway.

Hum……..sorry about that! I got off on this tangent and forgot about what a great day I had running around to a few galleries, visiting with my own gallery, Norwood-Flynn Gallery, have a great dinner with friends and daughter…………but a long day that ended past midnight. NOTE:….when I really want to look at the art, I’ll have to go back and take more time to see less….no way can you really look during an art walk as much fun as it is.

On the rest of the good for the day…………an email when I got home that a painting at Joyous Lake Gallery had sold within 24 hours of being hung. Thanks to Gwen for inviting me to show at her gallery in Pinetop.

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