Wow…..yesterday my Seattle gallery sold a painting to a music producer in Tokyo. What a great feeling to think that one of my paintings is flying over the Pacific right now and will make its home on a wall in Japan….and on the cover of a music CD.

It’s been a slow week for art making due to the death of my father-in-law. It’s so sad and we’ll all miss him so much.

I’ve also packed up and shipped out two more boxes of paintings to Louisiana…but this time some works on paper. That will be a new one for this gallery as they’ve always wanted the large canvases. Hope it goes well for their big anniversary in a couple of months.

I did get into the studio some though. I’d been mulling around in my mind for some time a painting that I was never really satisfied with. SO that sucker is now painted over. AND, it was so good that it was red. I LOVE red, maybe too much sometime. I don’t want it to be a crutch to have red in its various multitude of values and intensities under ALL my paintings. So far, this new incarnation is very red as well but totally different than the other one.

My order for ten new large canvases barely made it in under the wire. I picked them up Friday before they closed. I am so lucky to have a canvas manufacturer right here in town….saves me a ton on shipping costs. I have to have a good assortment of sizes for the Mississippi Art Colony session next week.

Guess I better decide what I’m taking as I only have tomorrow and Monday to pack it all up. The visiting artist this session is Randall LaGro from Taos. Looks like this could be another great colony.

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